National Information


National Officers

Executive Committee

The National Executive Board shall consist of the President, Vice President, National Secretary, National Treasurer, Board of Trustees, The President of member Regions and Districts or their alternates and Past National Presidents.


Jason Brodt
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St. Paul, MN
(651) 592-7874


Melinda Ruopp
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1575 Wallace Ave.
Marshalltown, IA


James Matarese
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20 Hickory Ridge Drive
Falmouth, VA
(540) 226-4265


National Vice-Presidents


Southeast Vice President

Brandon Gilmore
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Lakeland, FL
(828) 734-9095

Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Alabama,
Tennessee, South Carolina, The Caribbea,
Virgin Islands, Bahamas


Northwest Vice President

Josh Stenseth
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St. Croix, WI
(651) 260-9800

North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas,
Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Alaska

West Vice President

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Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Montana,
Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California,
Arizona,Nevada, Utah, Hawaii, Asia, Australia

Northeast Vice President

Wayne Rothschild
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Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, Connecticut,
Rhode Island, New York, New Hampshire,
District of Columbia, Vermont, Pennsylvania,
Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, Maine,

Southwest Vice President

Noel Salamoni
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Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma,Texas

Central Vice President

Ryan Machin
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Canada, Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, Kentucky,
Indiana, Michigan


National Trustees

Until 2020

Harry Barraclough Jr
Send Email
Contonment, FL

Until 2019

Ron Bowling
Send Email
Lakeland,  FL

Until 2021

Daniel Jones
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Washington DC, MN

Alternate Trustee

Patrick Cunningham
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Port Jervis, NY


Past National Presidents

Kevin Johnson
James Matarese
Jim Sweat
Jim Nichols
Donald Slavik
Russ Hess
RO Rogers
Sid Michlin
Donald Sterling


Departments and Committees

Canine Courier Editor

Bob Dougherty
Send Email
410 Norfolk Rd.
Flourtown, PA 19031
Phone: (610) 316-3942

Awards Committee

Larry Love
Send Email
10717 Pelle Circle
Philadelphia, PA 19154-4046
FAX (215) 824-4036

National Trainers Committee Chairman

Danny Jones
Send Email
Washington DC

Explosives Committee Co-Chairman

John Kerwick
Send Email
Carmel, NY

By Laws Committee

Art Rescigno
Send Email
447 17th St.
West Babylon, NY 11704

Scorekeepers Committee

Deborah Page
Send Email
Stafford, VA


Supply Officer

Ben Gatton
Send Email
Algona, Iowa


Sergeant at Arms

Bubba Howell
Send Email
Petal, Mississippi

Executive Director

Dr. David Ferland, Chief of Police (Ret.)
Send Email

Executive Director, USPCA

Training Grounds Committee

John Binnix
Send Email
Odessa, FL

Ethics Committee

Robert Glaser
Send Email

Judges Committee

Gary Pietropaolo
Send Email
Yonkers, NY

SWGDOG Representative

Scientific Working Group on Dog & Orthogonal Detector Guidelines
John Kerwick
Send Email
Metro-North PD, NY

Future Training and Development

Josh Stenseth
Send Email
St. Croix, WI



Russ Hess
Send Email
Springboro, Ohio


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