The Canine Courier is the United States Police Canine Association Magazine. It is published four times a year and is free for members. Inside you will see information and training articles relative to current and useful trends. We showcase real deployments by our members from around the United States. Our Corporate Sponsors offer solutions and the latest equipment available for Law Enforcement in training, health, equipment, canines, records keeping, and canine conferences.


Articles in the latest issue of the Canine Courier

  • Vehicle Detection Time and Narcotic-contraband Detection Dogs by Michael Kmiecikt Sheepdog Guardian Consulting
  • Seniors on Patrol: Keeping your aging K9 Fit for Duty by Erica Bling PhD Northeast K9 Conditioning
  • The role of Bug Dogs in Forensic Investigations by Susan M. Stejskal, LVT, PhD, DABT (retired)
  • Drive Neutrality for Police Dogs: Keep your K9 Composed and Focused by Jerry Bradshaw

Articles in this issue

  • Proposed Reforms of Police Service Dogs by Eugene P. Ramirez
  • Canine Individuality by Steve Sprouse
  • Why is there a Need for Explosive Detection Dogs: How can AKC Breeders and Their Clubs Get Involve? by Carmen Battaglia, Delegate, German Shepherd Club of America
  • Time on the Bite by Bill Lewis !!
  • Direct vs. Indirect Reward in Detection Training and Being Mindful of the K9 Industry by Robert Dougherty Jr.
  • Book Review: The Dogs I've Known in 2 Wars by Robert Dougherty Jr.
  • Also included in each article are stories of the work being done by canine teams around the country.



Articles in this Issue

  • A guide to Effectively  Presenting Body-Camera Evidence at Trial by Eugene Ramirez
  • Street Training and Beyond by Don Sterling
  • Controlled Chaos - Guidelines for Increasing Stamina and Endurance by Erica Boling, Phd.
  • Basic Police Working Dog Training Academy - Things that should be Considered Before Making your Choice by Bubba Howell
  • Tracking/Trailing and Scent Line-up by Michael Kmiecik
  • Also included in each article are stories of the work being done by canine teams around the country.