Canine Team Certification Paperwork -  certificates issued for successfully achieving k9 certification will be provided to the participants using the certificates issued by the USPCA National Office.    



SCORING PROGRAMS:  Effective immediately,  you will need to contact the national secretary for a copy of the program.    Please email [email protected]  for a copy of any program that you need.  Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.   You can still upload it to the national site when completed.  Once you get a "clean" copy,  then just keep it on your desk top.  When you need to do a trial,  make a copy of that one and start fresh with the copy.   You can continue to do that safely until the 2024 versions come out.    When you are done with a trial,  please upload the completed trial paperwork on this web site under the Canine Team Certifications tab.       Thank you so much!  

Responsibilities of a Chief Judge   - This applies to ALL Certifications. If you are a Chief Judge,  please familiarize yourself with this information.    

Want to download the ENTIRE rule book?   This is a long one,  but it contains all 2024 updated Rules and Regulations for ALL of the below testing.  If you just want a specific rule section,  download and print the General Rules from that testing area below.     ALL RULES

 *** Patrol Dog I ***  

General Rules -- Scoresheets --High Low Sheet -- Master Score Sheet --  Equipment Checklist --  Judges &  Scorekeepers List -- Order of the Phases 

*** Temporary Patrol Dog Test *** 

General Rules --   Judges & Scorekeepers List --  Scoresheet -- Master Scoresheet -- High Low Sheet     *Note:  Hand score only.  Also - since most of this test is not the same as our PDI and not all regions agree to provide this test,  the dogs judged do not count toward a judges certification.  

*** Tracking and Tracking Exceptional *** 

General Rules --Scoresheet --High Low Sheet -- Master Score sheet --Judges &  Scorekeepers List  


                                                    ** DETECTION DOG CERTIFICATIONS ** 

GENERAL RULES FOR ALL DETECTION DOG CERTIFICATIONS    * See each type of certification for specific rules.  


 *** Narcotics Detection ***

General Rules -- Scoresheets  -- High Low Sheet -- Master Score Sheet -- -Judges &  Scorekeepers List        

*** Explosive Detection  with optional Crowd Screening****  NOTE THAT THERE ARE SOME CHANGES TO THE RULES in Jan 2024

General Rules -- Scoresheets-- Odor Recognition Test -- High Low Sheet -- Master Score Sheet -- Judges &  Scorekeepers List --   ORT Diagram --  Crowd Screening Scoresheet

*** Evidence Detection ***

General Rules -- Scoresheets -- High Low Sheet -- Master Score Sheet -- Scoring- EDD is built into the PDI program  --Judges &  Scorekeepers List     

 *** Contraband Detection ***

General Rules -- Scoresheets -- High Low Sheet --  Master Score Sheet --Judges &  Scorekeepers List 

*** Human Scent/Human Trafficking- Detection ***

General Rules -- Scoresheets -- High Low Sheet -- Master Score Sheet -- Scoring Program- Please contact the National Secretary  --Judges &  Scorekeepers List  

*** Game Detection ***

General Rules -- Scoresheets -- High Low Sheet -- Master Score Sheet  --Judges &  Scorekeepers  List  

*** Cadaver Detection ***

General Rules-- Scoresheets -- High Low Sheet -- Master Score Sheet --Judges &  Scorekeepers List 

*** Accelerant Detection ***

General Rules -- Scoresheets -- Master Score Sheet -- High Low Sheet-- Scoring Program (hand score only)  --Judges &  Scorekeepers List  

                         *** Firearms Detection ***                 

General Rules --  Judges & Scorekeepers List -- Master Score Sheet --  High Low Sheet -- Scoresheets      * Hand Score only 

                     *** Police K9 Therapy Dog ****           

General Rules --   Judges & Scorekeepers List ---  Master Scoresheet --  Scoresheets      * Please note:  the National Secretary will provide a CHIEF JUDGE with some sample test questions upon request.    These questions will be changed up periodically.    Contact Melinda for the questions at [email protected]       


NEW TO SCOREKEEPING?    Click on this link to watch a video on using the programs.  We recommend that all new Chief Judges (or anyone) watch this for instruction as well.    CLICK HERE