Judges Certification

                 Judges certification is a big step in the USPCA and we are proud of our judges!   See below forms for requirements of certification.
Regional PD I Judge -- Requirements
Regional Detector Judge -- Requirements
Regional Tracking Judge -- Requirements
         National PD I & Detector Judge -- Requirements
                     Applications for approval as a certified regional or national judge are submitted online!     
**Please note:   DO NOT attach JPEG files (pictures of forms taken with your cell phones) to your submission.  These will no longer be accepted.  They are too hard to read and print out.  Attach PDF or scanned copies of paperwork only.  Thanks in advance
 The USPCA does offer an approval process for those who do not otherwise meet the trainers requirements to be a Chief Judge.  
 Here are the forms if you want to Chief Judge a Detector or Tracking trial and you are not already a USPCA certified trainer or approved to Chief Judge. 
If you want to Chief Judge a PDI trial,  and you are not a USPCA Certified Level I or greater trainer,  then you would need to meet the following requirements and then fill out the online form:   
1) You must have certified in a USPCA PDI Trial at least five times.
2) You  must be a novice CHIEF judge under a certified Chief Judge at a PDI trial with not less than 10 k9's.  Chief judge must provide documentation that the novice was tutored.   
3) Must have judged at least 200 K9's in each venue 
4)  Must retake and successfully pass the national PDI judge test administered by the judges committee unless it was taken within the last three years.   5)  Must have been a scorekeeper for a PDI trial with at least 10 K9's participating.  


The Committee Chairpersons request that all applications be submitted 60 days prior to the next National meeting.  Anything received late may be held until the following meeting.   National Meetings are held in the spring at Detector Nationals and in the fall at National Field Trials and if possible,  every three months between trials if applicable.