The purpose of the United States Police Canine Association Foundation is to engage in education, training, and certifications regarding the care, handling, and training of police dogs and other working dogs used to advance public safety. 

The Foundation gathers resources from sponsors, private partners, USPCA members, and other supporters. We provide funds for innovative programs that produce a state of the art research, education, and survivor support. This results in progressive solutions that enhance and improve public safety, security, and quality of life in our global community.

The Foundation will facilitate resource acquisition to address law enforcement needs to be guided by our sense of vision, mission, values, and goals. We seek to invest in innovative and responsive programs. Our response to the art and science of policing, utilizing the trained K-9, will be timely, efficient, and beneficial.

Police departments see resources diminishing daily. The USPCA Foundation was set up to help maintain and further K-9 by assisting officers and agencies providing and maintaining this vital law enforcement tool. There are many reasons why having a department with a K-9unit, no matter the size, makes sense


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The United States Police Canine Association is a Tax-Deductible 501-C3 Foundation


Please consider making a charitable donation in support of our goal of providing professional assistance to Officers, their agencies and communities served by police service dog programs.

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Your donation makes the USPCA’s work possible. It helps local regions across the nation provide support to law enforcement officers and their dogs to provide better service to their communities. It sends a message of caring to Law Enforcement.

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