United States Police Canine Association
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The United States Police Canine Association, Inc. (USPCA) was established in 1971 when two canine associations joined. While much has been learned about Police Canines from this beginning, there is still more to be done to develop the potential of canine teams fully. Our members have found that participation in USPCA certifications and training is an invaluable tool for performing their jobs. The strength of both the Regional and National offices lies in the diversity of the membership. This diversity facilitates the sharing of ideas and information within an organized, neutral forum. Some of our member benefits include an extensive repository of training articles along with information designed to keep everyone updated. The USPCA is the nation's largest, continuously operating organization dedicated to promoting quality trained and certified canine teams. 


The Benefits of Membership

Your USPCA membership benefits will quickly surpass the cost of annual dues, and include:
 *Access to the most up-to-date Law Enforcement Canine information
*A library of 60+ training and informational articles
 *Free Subscription to The Canine Courier
 *Life Insurance policy for you and your K-9 partner
 *Legal representation for your certification.
 *Access to our award-winning e-newsletter
 *USPCA members are eligible for an AKC Grant for purchase of police canine
 *Eligibility for regional and national awards
 *Apprentice and mentoring opportunities for K-9 trainer and evaluator

 *Being part of the nation’s leading Police K-9 Authority

Our certifications are recognized and mentioned in many court cases in the United States as a proven standard for police service dogs. The United States Police Canine Association is mentioned in 78 court cases throughout the United States.

In our certification test, you are provided with detailed information on the testing as well as knowledge after the test to help you improve for the next time.

When you participate as an evaluator or judge, you gain valuable insight into what an adequately trained canine team should look like, giving you ideas for your team.

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Who can be a USPCA Member?

  Keeping America Safe while leading the way!!  

The United States Police Canine Association has several membership levels.  Full or Regular Membership is provided for any active full-time paid law enforcement officer for a federal, state, county or municipal agency who is a canine handler,  trainer or administrator.  This shall include members of the Military Police who may be canine handlers, trainers, or administrators. Any full member may continue as such in the event he or she enters military service and later returns to canine law enforcement on a full-time basis.

Please note that regional elected officials must approve memberships for their respective regions.

We also have Associate, Honorary, Special, and Lifetime memberships that cover a variety of member qualifications. Click below for more details about membership types.  

Handling a police service dog, regardless of specialty or venue requires intelligence, effort, dedication, pride. and constant learning. That's what the USPCA is about. Come and join us...we welcome new members!