National Case of the Year and Case of the Quarter Awards 


 The USPCA has a really cool Case of the Year/Case of the quarter awards program.   This Case of the Year program is designed to recognize the dangerous and difficult work that our members do every day!  This is how it works:  

1)    The Handler involved in the case must be a current member at the time of the incident.   For January cases,  your membership must be in to the regional office before February 1st in order to be considered for a case of the quarter.   If there are multiple handlers involved,  they all must be current members.    The Regional Office (Secretary or designee) will be the one to submit the case generally.   If a member submits a case,  the National Secretary will confirm submission with the members primary region.    

CASE OF THE YEAR AND QUARTER IS TOTALLY SEPERATE FROM SUBMISSIONS TO THE COURIER.    For COY and Courier submissions,  please make sure the case has the Region,  Handlers name and Department and what type of submission it is. (Detection or Patrol) 

2)    Cases are selected on a quarterly basis,  and then at the end of the year,  the four quarter winners will face off for the Case of the year selection.    The quarters are as listed below: 

                             1st Quarter -  January through March - Submitted by April 30th  

                             2nd Quarter - April through June -   Submitted by July 31st  

                            3rd Quarter -  July through September -  Submitted by October 31st 

                          4th Quarter -  October through December - Submitted by January 31st   

3)    Cases must be submitted on a word document.   The reason for this is that we may need to redact information that is not needed or should not be public.   When you submit your case,  please remove suspect names,  exact addresses,  etc.   

4)      There are two options:    Detection and Patrol.

For the purposes of the National Case Awards,  Patrol cases  - If k9 is deployed for a track,  building search, field search or article/evidence search like our PDI trials (human scented article) ,  then it will fall under a patrol dog case.   (anything that is tested in our PDI trials) 

Detection -  a detection trained k9 is deployed to locate the trained odor.    (ie  -  An explosive trained dog deployed to locate a firearm is supposed to alert on the black powder, etc,  not specifically human odor)   So for anything that would be tested using one of the USPCA detection tests.   (narcotics, explosives, game,  accelerant,  firearms,  cadaver) 

There are two ways to submit:  Before you submit,  make sure it is not too late for the submission!!!!!    


                              ONLINE    -  Click here  - Regions may use this to make a submission.  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE NOT MISSED THE SUBMISSION DATE BEFORE YOU SEND IT!   THANKS!     

                                                  PRINT      -  Click here to print out and mail in or email.   

                                                       This form included with all submissions.     

                                                      US Mail to:  Larry Love  10717 Pelle Circle 

                                                       Philadelphia, PA  19154 -4046 

                                                        Email to:   [email protected]