At the United States Police Canine Association Foundation (USPCA), we seek to help law enforcement canine teams by providing education, training, and certifications regarding the care, handling, and training of police dogs and other working dogs used to advance public safety.

The Foundation gathers resources from sponsors, private partners, USPCA members, and other supporters. This results in progressive solutions that enhance and improve public safety, security, and quality of life in our global community.

The Foundation will facilitate resource acquisition to address law enforcement needs to be guided by our sense of vision, mission, values, and goals. We seek to invest in innovative and responsive programs. Our response to the art and science of policing, utilizing the trained K-9, will be timely, efficient, and beneficial.

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While we have made some great strides, the Foundation still has much to accomplish. As the police department's resources diminish, your support is needed more than ever. Did you know that Law Enforcement Police Canines serve their entire career keeping America safe? They do this by locating drugs, and explosives, finding missing persons, and keeping their police officer handlers safe. Yet, they often retire with their agency or department unwilling or unable to support that dog if they need medical attention.  This leaves the burden on the handler to ensure that this hero gets the best care regardless of the costs. And those costs could reach thousands of dollars.   Police Agencies are not required to pay for any future needs after the dog retires, so the USPCA is proud to begin a program where we will assist with the money involved in taking care of the dog after retirement.

Medical bills, even just for a diagnosis, can run up to $5000! And ongoing expenses often range in the thousands from year to year. Handlers who adopt their Police Dogs after retirement, and most do, are often faced with the dilemma of affording the appropriate care for their retired partner.

We have created a fund to assist our members with the finances of their retired Police dogs' medical needs. It's a big undertaking! The USPCA understands the sacrifices our canine partners made to their handlers, departments, and the public, and we want to help their handlers keep their partners healthy and happy in retirement!

Please help us provide medical assistance funding to our members caring for their retired partners.

Would you consider making a charitable donation to support our goal of providing professional assistance to our officers and medical aid to their retired partners?

We greatly appreciate your donation, and it will be used to continue training and medical assistance. 

Please join us! With your donation, we're one step closer to our goal!

Corporate Sponsor

CARFAX for Police is thrilled to partner with the USPCA to kick off fundraising efforts for the Retired K9 Assistance Fund. Dogs are woven into the fabric of the CARFAX culture, and CARFAX for Police is dedicated to supporting law enforcement’s mission to protect and serve.


Please consider making a charitable donation to support our goal of providing professional assistance to Officers, their agencies, and communities served by police service dog programs. Additionally, we have provided a link to support our retired K9 fund.

General Donation 

Your donation makes the USPCA’s work possible. It helps local regions across the nation provide support to law enforcement officers and their dogs to provide better service to their communities. It sends a message of caring to Law Enforcement.

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Make a living gift to honor a friend, loved one, or special pet. 

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Make a personal remembrance to commemorate the life of a friend, a loved one, or a special pet, and share a loving gift with their family.


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The United States Police Canine Foundation is a Tax-Deductible 501-C3 Foundation.

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Mail your gift to | USPCA Foundation, Don Slavik - Executive Director, 34605 454th Ave, Ottertail, MN 56571