Trainer Certifications


Trainer Level I -- Requirements

 Trainer Level II -- Requirements

 Trainer Level III -- Requirements

Detector Dog Trainer -- Requirements

Patrol Dog Trainer (Regional Trainer)  -- Requirements

Application for Trainer    -  EASY ONLINE FORM 

  Survey Form    Print out as needed 

**Please note:   Please do not  attach a JPEG picture of a form.  They are impossible to read or print out properly.  You must attach a PDF or scanned copy only for your required forms.   Thanks in advance!!!  



The Committee Chairpersons request that all applications be submitted 60 days prior to the next National meeting.  Anything received late may be held until the following meeting.   National Meetings are held in the spring at Detector Nationals and in the fall at National Field Trials, and occasionally in between to speed up these processes.  



We at the USPCA are proud of the status of "trainer" and appreciate the work that goes into meeting the qualifications.   Please remember when submitting for this position,  that the trainers committee checks and double checks all paperwork that is submitted.    We do this to maintain the highest degree of professionalism and respect for the position of USPCA certified Trainer.   All paperwork submitted is your assurance that the information contained in the submission is true and accurate. Intentional misrepresentation of any paperwork could result in the removal of the submitting party, as well as anyone who has knowingly submitted inaccurate surveys,  from this Association.