Contraband Searches



In 2019,  the USPCA passed a couple new tests designed for those handlers and K9's that are utilized to detect and locate contraband inside a jail or prison enviroment.   In researching what is needed,  we saw a need for a testing process for electronics,  tobacco and opiod dependance medications. 

We were quick to develop a plan and ultimately we approved a testing process that allows the Chief Judge to vary the test for the needs of the participants,  based on what they are trained to find.  

Testing is available for the following items of contraband:   

1) Electronics which includes cellphones with and without sim cards, cellphone batteries,  thumb drives,  charger for a cellphone and stand alone sim cards.  

2)  Tobacco products which includes loose tobacco, chewing tobacco or cigarettes. 

3) Opiod dependence medication to include Buprenorpnine, buprenorphine/naloxone combined, or suboxone.  Pills or strips can be used.  

We continue to look for ways that we can improve the testing process,  so don't hesitate to contact us with your ideas!   

Although these tests are in their infancy,  we have tested several dogs and have had perfect success. 


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