The word or variation of the word interprets is most often used by canine handlers in reports, training records, and testimony. They describe how they interpreted behavior changes or a final response given by the dog upon sniffing a trained odor.

Canine handlers learn in basic training that they do not interpret behavior changes and final responses. During initial training, exercises are purposely set where the handler knows where the target odor is located so they can see the behavior change in a variety of contexts. This training teaches the handler to recognize a behavior change when the dog gives one. A better word is to recognize behavior changes.

Dog ‘s when trained in locating odors are also trained to give a final response at or near the source. If the dog is trained correctly, there is no need to interpret anything.

When canine handlers go into court, one of the worst things they can say is they interpreted the behavior of a trained dog. Or, they interpreted a final response. There is no interpretation in deployments; you recognize a behavior change, and the final response is self-explanatory.

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