The USPCA was very excited back in late summer,  when our friends at the AKC came to us with an idea about a TV show featuring detection work.  This little idea grew into a plan after meeting with us at the Spring National Trials,  and again at the National Field Trials in September, 2021. 

We made the decision to make it happen at the trials in September,  and the work began!   It was not a perfect process,  but we sought out input from regional offices and executive officers for potential candidates to attend this event,  all expenses paid by the AKC.  We then started the difficult task of providing the producers of the show with submitted names.   The initial list included well over 100 names, by the way!   Some of them were either not a member, or they had not ever certified in detection,  so those were unfortunately whittled out.    The rest were given to producers and they cut the list down to 10 and 10.   

We were excited to invite those 20 and all excepted.  Those 20 participants as well as President Rothschild,  Executive Director Slavik,  Secretary Ruopp and 5 other members were asked to assist with production.   Filming took place November 15th in Raleigh, North Carolina at the PNC Arena.   With a TON of help, provided by the Raleigh Police Department and  Senior Officer David Green,  we were able to pull this off!  

The challenge was difficult to set up because we wanted it to be as reflective of real life as possible,  with the goal being to educate the general public on what detection work is all about.    We were limited to a couple ideas that would work within the PNC arena.   We decided on a concourse area (because of lighting) for the narcotic work,   seating area for the explosive work,  and 6 vehicles for both groups.   

The event aired for the first time on November 28th!  We were so excited to see how it would turn out, and with the only issue being a darn delay due to a basketball game,  it looked great!   It will be re broadcast as well and it is available on ESPN if you purchase or have a streaming ap with that.   

      Here is the Concourse area for drug work.  


      The explosive seating search area  9 seats wide,  by 10 rows.  



  Alison Gentile & K9 Mac  MTA PD, NY                     Joe Angarone & K9  Bela  

      Explosives Detection                                                Narcotics Detection 



Breg Anderson & K9 Jaeger    Sherman, TX           Fernando Burga & K9 Sadie  Punta Gorda, FL PD

     Narcotics Detection                                                   Narcotics Detection 



Chad Whitaker & K9 Blizzard   Lakeland PD, FL                    Dao Muensaveng & K9 Bero    Des Moines, IA PD  

       Explosive Detection                                                                  Narcotic Detection 




Larry McArdle & K9 Zoey   NYC DOC                      Traci Dietz & K9 Vika    TIA,  FL 

   Narcotics Detection                                                       Explosives Detection      





Derek Ellis & K9 Rudy    Austin PD, MN                Kolbi Kraft & K9 Kye    Charleston, IL PD 

      Narcotic Detection                                                         Narcotics Detection                      



Jared Davis & K9 Bella   Lowndes Co, GA SO             Lucas Timmons & K9 Burt   Chattanooga PD, TN

    Narcotics Detection                                                               Narcotics Detection 




Matt Pinelli & K9 Seren    Nassau CO,  NY               Michelle Lyman & K9 Peppers    Raleigh NC, PD 

    Explosives Detection                                                    Explosives Detection  



Shane Moore & K9 Sumo    TN Dept of Safety       Brian Riebeling & K9 Chaos    Springfield, IL Police

     Explosive Detection                                              Narcotic Detection                          



Richard Rodden & K9 Kasey   GM Police, MI         Tracy Stuart  & K9 Freya    Stockton U,  NJ 

    Explosive Detection                                                           Explosive Detection          



Brian Roussell & K9 Sarge    Rochester, MN PD        Kaitlin Schamberger & K9 Zada        NYPD Transit 

     Explosive Detection                                               Explosive Detection 



It truly was the above officers that made this a hit!   We cannot thank them and their department enough for allowing us to "borrow" them for this show!    We appreciated them giving the public incite into their worlds as a K9 handler and the incredible bond they have with their partners. 


We also appreciated the volunteers who came to assist with evaluation and production -   

Bubba and Lynn Howell,   Don Slavik,     James Metivier,  Mark Darnell and Wesley Gargis  




And of course, our friends at  AKC  who funded this entire event,  trusting the USPCA enough to ask us to provide the handlers for the show!      They provided some pretty amazing swag for the winners as well as all the participants.  

We certainly learned a lot over the two days that we filmed with this event.   We know there are some things that we would like to do better - but overall,  we were really pleased with the event and are crossing our fingers that they will be open to at least a couple more runs!     We will be looking into some other venues -  PNC was just the one that made sense because of its production capabilities,  scheduling and the location to the AKC headquarters.   We will be looking to see if there are other venues available should AKC decide to do another show!      Thank you to everyone who participated and supported us through this event and most especially the AKC who funded the entire process!