USPCA Retired K9 Assistance Fund 

       Did you know that Law Enforcement Police Canines, like Zeus in this photo, serve their entire career keeping America Safe by keeping drugs off the streets,  out of jails,  finding explosives,  finding missing persons and keeping their police officer handlers safe,  yet often retire with their agency or department being unwilling or unable to support that dog should he need medical attention?    This leaves the burden on the handler to make sure that this hero gets the best possible care regardless of the costs.. and those costs could reach into the thousands of dollars.   Police Agencies are not required to pay for any future needs after the dog retires,  so the USPCA is proud to begin a program where we will assist with the money involved to take care of the dog after retirement.  


 Medical bills,  even just for a diagnosis can run up to $5000!   And continued expenses often range in the thousands year to year.       Handlers who adopt their Police dogs after retirement,  and most do,  are often faced with a difficult decision of trying to afford the best care possible for their retired partner.   


Here is what the USPCA is doing!     We are looking to build a fund in order to assist our members with their retired Police dogs' medical needs.   Its a big undertaking!  But the USPCA understands the sacrifices that our USPCA dogs make to their handlers,  departments and the public and we want to try to find a way to help the handlers keep their partners healthy and happy in retirement!  

A donation to the USPCA Retired K9 Assistance Fund is easy!   Just click here to make a tax exempt donation today!

 K'9s are part of the family! Lets keep them healthy long into retirement so they can enjoy their life!  

For more information,  please contact the Chairman of the USPCA Retired K9 Assistance Fund,  Rich Geraci